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9-10-20 – After months of pressure from the #PayUp campaign, Primark finally agrees to #PayUp on time and in full for all orders placed prior to the pandemic.

4-29-20 – According to the Worker Rights Consortium, Primark has reinstated $460 million in orders it originally cancelled. However, the company still owes a substantial amount for other outstanding orders and has imposed long delays in payments, putting its suppliers and garment workers under extreme financial distress.


2-11-21 – Primark has failed to Keep Workers Safe. The company has not responded to PayUp Fashion regarding  our demands that brands contribute to the Severance Guarantee Fund for laid-off garment workers and contribute 1% of net revenue towards direct relief for garment workers impacted by the pandemic. Like many other large brands, Primark is a signatory to the ILO Call to Action, which promised eleven months ago to “protect garment workers’ income,” but the Call to Action has to date released a staggeringly insufficient sum of money to garment workers (less than $200 million to just four countries) and is in no way a satisfactory response to this crisis.


8-12-21 – Primark publicly discloses almost all of its Tier 1 suppliers – its cut and sew factories – and is close to aligning with its commitment to the Transparency Pledge. To receive a “YES” for Action 3 on the PayUp Fashion Tracker, it must be in full compliance with the The Transparency Pledge and a) additionally disclose its tier 2 (fabric mills), tier 3 (yarn and fiber mills) and tier 4 (raw materials) suppliers; b) disclose the wages of the lowest-earning workers at each factory and c) share audit and remediation reports publicly, and make these findings available to the garment workers in the audited factories.


10-11-21 – Primark signs on the new International Accord on fire and building safety, agreeing to individual brand accountability, an independent Secretariat to oversee the Accord, and expansion into new garment-producing countries. For their commitment, they get a yellow slash under Sign Enforceable Agreements to indicate they’ve met some conditions of this demand. They are also on the positive side of our Accord Tracker.







Pending Brand Action

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Pending Brand Action

Pending Brand Action