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5-14-20 – Nike joins the list of brands and retailers committing to #PayUp in full for all orders placed prior to the pandemic, ensuring that suppliers and garment workers receive the money owed for work they’ve done for the corporate giant.


2-4-21 Nike has failed to Keep Workers SafeThe company has not signed onto the Severance Guarantee Fund and has not committed to contribute 1% of its net revenue to garment worker direct relief. Of the $25 million that the Nike Foundation and Nike have committed to COVID-19 response efforts, only $1 million has gone to workers in “vulnerable communities,” including the nations where it sources its products. It’s not clear if any of this aid went to garment workers themelves. Like many other major American brands, Nike is a signatory to the UAID MOU, which promises to “pursue much-needed relief” for female garment workers impacted by the pandemic in Asia. To date, the USAID MOU has released no money and is a woefully inadequate response to this crisis. 

12-20-20 Nike records a staggering $1.25 billion profit in Q3 of 2020, joining the ranks of brands earning record pandemic profits. As part of our #ShareYourProfits campaign, PayUp Fashion demands that Nike join the Severance Guarantee Fund and contribute 1% of net revenue towards garment worker direct relief.


8-17-21 – Nike fulfills its commitment to the Transparency Pledge by publicly disclosing all of its cut and sew factories. Beyond tier 1, Nike does also disclose some of its tier 2 (fabric mills) suppliers, going above what many large brands presently publicly share, and the brand thus receives some credit for its transparency progress. However, though the brand rejects these claims, it has been reported that Nike is one of the (many) brands suspected of sourcing from the XUAR region in China, information that is not disclosed on the brand’s supplier lists. What’s more, they have not signed onto the Call to Action by The Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region.




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