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5-7-20 – Marks & Spencer joins the list of brands and retailers agreeing to #PayUp and commit to all completed and all in-process orders placed prior to the pandemic.


8-17-21 – M&S publicly discloses a list of the tier 1 cut and sew factories in its clothing value chains, as well as some of its strategic tier 3 (fiber and yarn producers) and tier 4 (raw materials) suppliers. M&S is close to aligning with its commitment to The Transparency Pledge.

To receive a “YES” for Action 3 on the PayUp Fashion Tracker, it must be in full compliance with the The Transparency Pledge and a) additionally disclose the remainder of its tier 2 (fabric mills), tier 3 and tier 4 suppliers; b) disclose the wages of the lowest-earning workers at each factory and c) share audit and remediation reports publicly, and make these findings available to the garment workers in the audited factories.


 9-2-21 – Marks and Spencer has signed onto the new enforceable Accord agreement on workplace safety. The agreement meets all of our demands, including individual accountability for brands, an independent Secretariat, and expansion into new countries. Thus, we’ve given M&S the designation of “Brand Meets Some Conditions” for meeting part of this demand. To receive a “Yes” for Sign Enforceable Contracts, M&S will need to overhaul their purchase order contracts to adopt the Buyer Code of Conduct and support a humane pace of production and dignified wages for makers. One of the drivers of workplace safety disasters is brands forcing factories to produce clothing at prices that are too low to support sustainable and ethical production.

8-12-21 – Marks & Spencer has made NO commitment to extend and expand the Bangladesh Accord on Fire & Building Safety, which has protected the lives of millions of garment makers in Bangladesh over eight years. They are on the negative side of our Accord Tracker and their lack of commitment to this binding agreement gets them a “No” under our Sign Enforceable Contracts action.



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Pending Brand Action

Brand Meets Some Conditions

Pending Brand Action

Pending Brand Action