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7-6-20 – After concern that Levi’s was delaying payments to its suppliers, the company commits to pay factories and garment workers per the original contract terms and extend low-cost financing to others. While Levi’s never outright cancelled orders, it was the concern of PayUp Fashion and the Worker Rights Consortium and other labor rights groups that delays in payments were putting unfair financial stress on factories during a serious economic crisis. This turnaround on the part of Levi’s will have a positive impact on its supply chain.


2-4-21 – Levi’s has failed to Keep Workers Safe. The brand has not signed onto the Severance Guarantee Fund and has not committed to donate 1% of net sales to garment worker direct relief. Like many other large American brands, Levi’s is a signatory to the UAID MOU, which promises to “pursue much-needed relief” for female garment workers impacted by the pandemic in Asia. To date, the USAID MOU has released no money and is a woefully inadequate response to this crisis. 

12-20-20 – Levi’s turns a $27 million profit during Q3 of 2020, joining the list of brands who’ve returned to earnings during the pandemic. As part of our #ShareYourProfits campaign, PayUp Fashion demands that Levi’s commit to the Severance Guarantee Fund and commit 1% of net sales to direct relief to garment workers.


8-17-21 – Levi’s has committed to, and fully complies with the Transparency Pledge, publicly disclosing its tier 1 list of cut and sew factories. The brand’s public supplier list does also appear to disclose some of its tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers – fabric and yarn/ fiber mills, respectively – so Levi’s does receives a yellow slash for its progress towards Go Transparent.

To receive a “YES” for Action 3 on the PayUp Fashion Tracker, Levi’s must a) additionally disclose the remainder of its tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 (raw materials) suppliers; b) disclose the wages of the lowest-earning workers at each factory and c) share audit and remediation reports publicly, and make these findings available to the garment workers in the audited factories.




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