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Burberry is a UK-based luxury apparel and accessories company and one of the most profitable fashion companies in the world. For more details on Burberry’s social and environmental commitments, see the Remake Brand Directory


There is no evidence that Burberry cancelled orders, delayed payments or asked for discounts from suppliers during the pandemic.


Burberry owns some of its own factories and manufactures some products in-house. However, the company has not published a list of its manufacturers, nor has it taken the Transparency Pledge, committing companies to publish detailed supplier information in the public domain on a regular basis. More than half of the companies we track publish a list of cut-and-sew factories, putting Burberry behind the industry on transparency. 


In working towards living wages, Burberry says that 97% of its UK workers (including retail and manufacturing workers) earn a living wage, which is one of the most important indicators of wellbeing that we track. However, it’s unclear what percentage of its total workforce is based in the UK or what percentage of its global workforce is covered by a living wage elsewhere. The company has not committed to a public living wage action plan.




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