How Much Do Garment Workers Make? Not Enough to Survive

How Much Do Garment Workers Make? Not Enough to Survive

When clothing brands began cancelling orders and delaying payments to their factories in response to the halted sales and store shutdowns during the Covid pandemic, the impact of these lost payments was felt hardest by garment workers whose hands sewed the clothes. If...

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PayUp Fashion in the News

California just passed a landmark bill to protect garment workers—Here’s what it means for the entire fashion industry

For brands, the bill introduces a kind of accountability never seen before in the industry.

29 September 2021 | Vogue


California’s garment labour law: The global implications

Senate Bill 62 has passed in California, guaranteeing a minimum wage for garment workers and holding brands accountable, even for violations with third-party partners.

29 September 2021 | Vogue Business


Protection for long-exploited California garment workers finally signed into law

“With one law, we dispelled the biggest lie in fashion, which is that brands aren’t responsible to garment makers. SB62 is a shift in thinking and a shift in power as much as it is a change in law,” said Elizabeth L. Cline, Remake‘s director of policy and advocacy and the PayUp Fashion coalition coordinator.

28 September 2021 | Fashionista


Garment worker protection act signed into California law

“Today we won justice for garment workers,” said Senator María Elena Durazo, who authored the bill. “For too long, bad-actor manufacturers have exploited garment workers toiling in unsanitary conditions for as little as $5 an hour.”

28 September 2021 | Business of Fashion


California to require garment industry to pay hourly wages to workers

“California is holding corporations accountable and recognizing the dignity and humanity of our workers, who have helped build the fifth-largest economy in the world,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom of the passage of SB62.

28 September 2021 | Reuters


Gov. Newsom signs bill expanding protections for garment

SB62 aims to overhaul a pay model for garment workers that has led to subminimum wages in the industry. The law will expand liability for fashion brands that have largely been able to avoid responsibility for rampant wage theft by their suppliers.

27 September 2021 | Los Angeles Times


All the brands that support California’s Garment Worker Protection Act

Behold, the 140-plus companies and organizations that support increased accountability on brands for their garment workers.

20 July 2021 | Remake


Why the fashion industry can’t allow this life-saving legislation to expire

The Bangladesh Accord was established to protect workers in the wake of 2013’s Rana Plaza factory collapse – but a number of brands are dragging their feet on renewing its vital regulations.

20 July 14 2021 | Dazed


Op-Ed: Hanging By A Thread

The pandemic was a trigger for worsening conditions in an already troubled Industry.

20 June 2021 | TorontoStar


Risk of forced labour in clothing industry rises due to pandemic and industry response 

21 June 2021 | The University of Sheffield


Remake: New-look Victoria’s Secret must support workers

22 June 2021 | Ecotextile


Trash the Runway? The Ultra-Fast Fashion Industry Can Be an Environmental Mess. 

22 June 2021 | Washington Monthly