Want to provide direct relief to garment makers around the globe?

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100% of donations go toward providing workers with emergency food and medical relief through these frontline organizations in the United States, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka:

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    The Need

    Despite the huge victory of #PayUp, which unlocked $22 billion for workers and factories in 2020, garment workers are still suffering.

    Covid-19 has hit garment workers harder than almost any other sector. In India, fresh outbreaks as of May 2021 are killing workers making clothes for major fashion brands, including H&M and Zara, according to the Asia Floor Wage Alliance. In Bangladesh, order cancellations by brands like Kohl’s, The Children’s Place, and TJMaxx have turned workers out on the streets without pay. Research shows garment worker hunger and food insecurity is widespread globally.

    In most garment-producing countries, the government cannot provide enough unemployment insurance or relief to workers. Brands and international institutions have failed to provide sufficient relief. Women with families are starving as a result. They need your help.

    As one supplier stated, “If coronavirus doesn’t kill my workers, then starvation will.”

    The relief is distributed through the following four frontline organizations, with a focus on India in May of 2021:

    100% of your donation goes toward providing garment workers with emergency food, essentials like soap and menstrual pads, and oxygen and other medical supplies.

    To give an example of the impact your $$ has: 
    In India, this money will be used to support 400 families of garment workers with food, soap, and menstrual products.  Pregnant garment workers are being given priority, as well as workers with Covid-19, young mothers, single women headed households,  and migrants and terminated/laid off workers.

    Photo Credit: Relief photos are from Asia Floor Wage Alliance and the #PayUp photo is from Awaj Foundation.

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